Happy Dogs Happy Diet

This year as much as I have been re-examing my diet, I am also taking a close look at what I feed my four-legged loved ones. As Oliver moves in to his golden years, our routine has drastically changed. Daily we used to get up and hike Griffith Park. The routine was as good for him as it was for me. Now my handsome old man, prefers a veeeerrrryyyy leisurely walk around the neighborhood. We smell more than walk.

I started to educate myself on dog food options… dry, wet, organic, raw. Well dog food is much like human food. It falls all over the scale…from fast food to organic options. Unfortunately the cheaper the food, the worse the ingredients. Thankfully most pet stores are now offering a wide variety of really great options. Whatever options you choose, adding supplements is an absolute must. Just like humans, dogs also need omega’s, minerals and vitamins to keep them in tip top shape. I sprinkle Happy Hemp on his food daily, which helps me with my own routine of taking HH daily.

First I started him with 3 to 4 Tbsp a day for the first month to get him back on track and then moved to 2 Tbsp a day. One of the main things I notice is his coat looks amazing! There is nothing I would not do to make sure he is happy and healthy, as the gift he gives me everyday is priceless. Happy Diet. Happy Dogs. Happy Hemp.



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