Happy Eating

Growing up we always sat down and ate dinner together as a family. Whether we were eating take-out or a prepared meal, the table was always set. Each meal was plated and we did not start until everyone was in their place.

What I did not know is sitting down to eat is actually better for you. Healthy is no longer just about what you eat, but how you eat. I got into a bad habit of standing in the kitchen eating my food mindlessly. Not enjoying the meal or being conscious about the food I was taking into my body.  I decided to make a change. Now I eat sitting down with a everything plated as if I am in a gourmet restaurant. I enjoy my food in every sense of the word.

I have actually read the sitting down helps in digestion. The food in take is less stress and thus processed in the body differently. Your brain and stomach have a chance to get on the same page and your less likely to over eat. What I know is life is sweeter when you slow down and take the time to digest life’s little pleasures. So I invite you to take the extra 10 minutes, your body will thank you! Bon Appetite!

Happy Food. Happy Mind. Happy Hemp.


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