Happy Weight Loss

How did Happy Hemp help you shed the lbs? Well let’s go back to the beginning. I started to add hemp seeds to my daily diet for a digestion aid. The weight loss was a bonus along with sleeping better, more energy and change of patterns! So here is what happened….

Reason #1. I started to take Happy Hemp daily. 2 to 4 Tablespoons. This is the key!!! HH got me into a habit of eating breakfast which I had never done. I add daily to my yogurt or I love to make smoothies. If I am in a hurry, straight out of the bag!  Brain is now getting proper food to send right messages to the body!

Reason #2. After eating consistently for about 2 weeks, I started to sleep better. I did not have a problem falling asleep, but staying asleep was a huge problem. I would wake 2 to 3 times a night… tossing and turning and ultimately waking up exhausted. The hemp seeds were helping me get a good nights sleep.  I was waking up refreshed. My body started to feel less stressed and less fatigued. I felt alert and focused. Sleep is one of the single most healthy things you can do for your body!!

Reason # 3. Sleeping better meant, I started to have more energy during the day. I was on fire…..after work I would grab a yoga class or long walk with the dogs. I had energy and wanted to be moving not sitting still. Active became a way of life. I even took surf lessons!!

Reason #4. Ok so now I am eating Happy Hemp daily, body getting good food. Sleeping through the night and feeling alert. Waking up with energy which now I am making it to the gym consistently. Next came food… I felt my cravings slowly start to change. I craved a salad over the potato chips. My body wanted healthier food. Fruit was now the new candy. Healthy food meant healthier me.

Happy Hemp was the catalyst to get me to where I needed to be. Basically when your body has the right brain food  you are able to live a healthier happier you.

Happy In. Happy Out. Happy Hemp.


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