Happy Protein

Does Happy Hemp have protein? Well lets go with a big hell ya! You can’t find a better source of complete protein in nature. Hemp seeds contain 36% protein and of that 65% is comprised of edestin which can only be found in hemp seed protein. Edestin is natures Pepcid. Great for digestion!!

A common comparison is hemp vs soy. While soy has a higher total protein count than hemp seeds, hemp is free of the tryspin inhibitors. English please!! Basically happy hemp lack the stuff that blocks protein absorption into the body. Soy is chalked full of that non absorbing stuff. Another great hemp fact: hemp seeds are free of oligosaccharides found abundantly in soy, which causes stomach ache and gas. So happy hemp makes you toot less and that is good news for everyone!!

Happy Hemp contains all 20 known amino acids. This is including the 8 must haves and the 2 semi essential amino acids. None of which the body can produce. We have to eat them…. Hint Hint Happy Hemp. When a food has all 9 essential amino acids in sufficient quantity and ratio that makes the protein complete. Can I get an Amen on that?

So for my vegan’s, veggie’s or my cutting down on meat peeps…. this is fantastic news for your diet! You are actually able to get all your protein requirements from Happy Hemp minus the bad fat found in meat and no cutting the cheese stuff found in soy! Happy Hemp is truly Mother Nature’s perfect food source.

Happy Protein. Happy You. Happy Hemp.



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