Happy Dog Food

One of my new favorite things is juicing. I start each day with a healthy glass of veggies, but this is not about me this is about my pups. I have mentioned before my dogs are on a raw food diet. Well this is the greatest thing….Instead of tossing all the pulp in to the trash, that is what becomes their food each day. I decided to change their diet when Oliver started to have health and weight issues. A friend recommended a great book called “Give Your Dog a Bone.” After reading the book and hearing how a raw food diet had helped her dogs, I was up to give it a try. Would they really eat veggies?

Kale. Carrots. Ginger. Apple is the base of the juice

After making the switch from overly processed food to raw diet, Oliver has lost weight and his healthy issues have disappeared. They sit in the kitchen and eagerly wait for their food. Bowls always licked clean! I will be the first to say it takes time, however the rewards are so worth it. It also keeps me on track with eating healthy, plus I have found I am saving money!

Happy Veggie. Happy Puppy. Happy Hemp.

I place the pulp into a bowl and add Happy Hemp and cottage cheese. Mix and serve!



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