Happy Raw Break down

Oliver swallows his food and does not chew. Literally he gets an amazing morsel of yumminess and gulp…gone. No chewing. No enjoying. Just down the hatch!

Oliver just finishing a bowl of food. Licking his lips.


In order for dogs to get the nutrients from a raw food diet, you must break the food down for them. Think about how cows stand in the field and chew and chew and chew for hours. Oliver’s goal is to eat his food minus a single chew!

So I do the work for him. I break down the veggies in either a juicer (I drink the juice) or a food processor. Breaking down the meal makes sure they get optimal nutritional in-take. Oliver health had improved dramatically since the switch and I am drinking a glass of healthy everyday. Two birds… One stone!

Happy Blend. Happy Dog. Happy Hemp.

Cucumber broccoli pulp. Add in Happy Hemp, coconut oil and brewers yeast. Mix Serve.


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