Happy Moving

Good Morning,

What a week!! All started with my mom arriving on Sunday to save the packing day. We proceeded to pack for 72 hours straight. After living in the same house for nearly 8 years, I have accumulated a ton of shit! Each closet, drawer, nook and cranny had to be cleared, cleaned and sorted. In true LA fashion she has not made it easy with temperatures in the 90’s to 100’s…. Did I mention I don’t have AC?

During the move to Austin, I am going to take a little break from posting. As I only have 1 cup, 1 fork and 1 plate… cooking has escaped me this week. I am less Happy Hemp and a little more diners and drive-ins. Happy Hemp goes nicely on a cheeseburger in a pinch. Ha Ha!!

I look forward to seeing you soon! Here are some fun going on’s during the move…

Whenever I travel and pull out the suitcases, my four legged loves ones slip into a state of depression. Well packing boxes have taken that to a whole new level!!

Oliver (golden) is non responsive to anything but food. He has taken to sprawled out positions in the middle of what little walk ways I have in between stacked boxes. sighing as if to say, “why are you doing this to me?” His campaign to make me feel bad has been highly successful.

Oliver giving me the sad face.

Moka (ala mutt) has decided too close is not close enough. She has always been my shadow, but the moving has created a whole new since of togetherness. Where ever I am she is desperately trying to crawl up next to me. Her restlessness proceeds into the night. She is so afraid to be left behind that she is foregoing sleep. Which means I too am not sleeping, but at least we are being serenaded.

Moka standing guard over her baby.

Marley takes the cake in the agony department. She has taken up song writing. Each night from 2am to 5am, she goes into the recording studio aka my bedroom and sings out her feelings. Last night was titled… The Homeless Howl. Let’s hope she does not continue her musical inspiration on the 3 day car ride.

Marley giving me the stink eye.

So coming at you one last time via Los Feliz…

Happy Change. Happy Decade. Happy Hemp.



  1. Becky bergmann

    Happy travels! So excited for you and happy to know this new destination will include lots of growing and changing for you. Can’t wait to visit!

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