Happy Austin

Greetings from Austin, After 14oo hundred miles, a 26 foot truck, temperatures blazing well over 100, 1 dad, 1 friend (chris new roommate), 2 dogs, 1 howling cat, 4 days on the road and icky gross trunk stop food…. we have arrived safe and sound to Austin, Texas.

Moka and Oliver are settling nicely into their new life. They are loving their new back yard. Happy to have a life minus the leash. Moka is quickly teaching the local squirrels to beware there is a new sheriff in town. Ms. Marley is no longer howling the blues. She creeps around in the middle of the night and explores her new surroundings. During the day she has laid claim to the bedroom closet.

The best thing about my new house is the Kitchen. The open floor plan is great for entertaining and cooking up food from the heart. The island in the middle  is perfect for baking. Always living in Charming aka old houses, I have never experienced a dishwasher. It is like having a new car. I love her and aim to name her!

One of the things about leaving California that was very unsettling to me, was the lack of Trader Joe’s in Austin. So much so I wrote a letter to TJ explaining that I might not survive without them. That being said I had never met Central Market.

This IKEA set-up store is full of delightful edibles. The pre-cooked section is like heaven!! Sorry Trader’s my life will go on without you.

Speaking of food….My dads only request for helping me move was BBQ. After asking the locals where to go, we decided hands down The Green Mesquite was the place to take my pop. This little shack is full of some of the best BBQ I have ever had. We sampled everything on the menu!! My fav’s were the fried okra and the frito pie. Ridiculous!

As my dad would say.. “I am happier than a hog in shit” and I was. I intend to be a regular.

From BBQ to Farmers Market…Headed downtown Saturday morning and scoped out my new Happy Hemp booth place. Very excited to announce HH will be a regular vendor starting September 24th. I am delighted not to have to drive 2 hours one way!

Austin Farmer’s Markets was voted one of the top 10 markets in the US. I am so excited to be invited to showcase Happy Hemp.

I am looking forward to bringing you amazing tid bits and healthy randomness from deep in the heart of Texas!


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