Happy Bread & Butter PR

Life is full circle. The people you meet today will shape your life tomorrow and so they have mine. Years ago when I made the move from San Miguel de Allende Mexico to Los Angeles, I met a woman right before the move who gave me her daughter’s number. She said call Meredith when you arrive…I think you will hit it off!

Moving to LA was a true test of grit. I lived for the first 2 months on a couch with a bag of clothes and a bag of survival. Eventually I rang Meredith up for my first outing in LA. It was an instant love~friend connection. We were like two old friends! We talked to the wee hours over wine and laughed… Best 24 hour friend date ever!

We were there for each other through ups and downs over the next several years from weddings to break-ups. She was there the day I officially became my own company and she took a leap of fate by quitting her job and being my first employee. As life does… it moves on and she did. Meredith and Sam relocated to Austin, Texas to start a new life…

Upon her arriving to Austin she followed her true passion for all things food, which lead to her starting her own business!! Bread & Butter PR was born. This boutique agency works with the elite in food artistry. From Chefs to restaurants, she has created her own amazing recipe for success. Her hands on approach is refreshing and welcoming!!

Now with my move to austin and the start of Happy Hemp, I am now her client. Funny how life had a plan…

Happy Friends. Happy Living. Happy Hemp.


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