Happy Friday Lemonade.

One year ago today, I parted ways with a job I had for 10yrs. Life delivered a bushel of lemons to my doorstep. I was devastated, angry (that is an understatement), hurt and every other emotion you can imagine. I felt defeated and lost. I had become my job and now without it, I did not know who I was. Even harder, I was forced to let go of my staff. These amazing women had worked with me and stood by my side for years. I had failed them.


The only thing I had was time on my hands. Can I tell you how much time can suck. I did not get dressed. I did not go out. I watched TV all day. I basically become a slug. Looking back it was probably the first time in my life, I was still. As a child I think I went from crawling to running. I have never been a beat around the bush girl. Rest was probably the best thing for me.

Me one year ago.

Eventually feeling sorry for myself got old and the pull yourself up from the boot straps kicked in. I wanted revenge!!!! There is no other revenge sweeter than living your life to the fullest. But what the hell was a going to do?

Get your ass up girl and do something with yourself!

Let’s fast forward….. One year later Happy Hemp is up and running!! I am truly happy in all aspects of my life. My lemons are now sweet  lemonade. Thank you to all my friends and family for love, encouraging words and believing in me when I said I wanted to be a hemp dealer!!


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