Happy Austin Farmers’ Market

This Saturday was Happy Hemp’s debut at the Downtown Austin Farmers Market. I had no idea what to expect? This market is about 10 times the size of what I am used to in CA. So I had no idea how much to bring or how many samples I would need. So with a lot of guessing I loaded up the car and got ready for day 1.

Before we even had the booth set-up, I had already made my first sale. I hoped it was a sign of the day to come!!

After getting the booth up and ready for our customers, I made sure to properly introduce myself to my neighbors. I was positioned perfectly in the gourmet section. Fresh goat cheese, home made baked goods, amazing jams and more.

Suede Farm. The most amazing goat cheese!!

Serious Sourdough Bakery! All gluten-free 🙂

As the market kicked off, I moved into what mama does best… Sales Girl Mode!! By 10:30 we had blown through a majority of our product. I was beyond delighted and knew that Happy Hemp was going to be right at home.






Thank you Austin for the warm welcoming!

Happy Farmer. Happy Market. Happy Hemp.


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