Happy Essential Fatty Acids… aka good fat!

On my Happy Hemp journey, I am learning all kinds of new things about my body and the food we eat. One misnomer that seems to be lurking out there is fat. There is good fat (Happy Hemp, olive oil, avocados) and there is bad fat (chips, fries, burger). We need good fats for our bodies to be healthy, especially women. Now a days we starve our bodies of all fats in the pursuit of looking like a stick.

What we don’t realize is…

a. Stick look.. not hot

b. We are depriving our body of nutrients to function thus opening the door for disease to enter.

I am so fat!

I see the fear in my  potential customers eyes when I say Happy Hemp has essential fatty acids…. OH the look of horror!! Let me tell you what those good EFA’s have done for me. First no joke, my PMS is a fraction of what it used to be. Holy Cow I was a bitch!! One minute I was ripping off someones head the next, I was sobbing in tears on the floor. Even though I knew it was that time of the month, I was helpless to the emotional roller coaster. I still get a little weepy when I see puppies, but cute tears not ugly cry.

Pull yourself together!

I also noticed a difference in my skin as I have extremely dry skin. I have constant dry patches on my hands and fingers. I hate it!! I tend to try to hide my hands in clothing with pockets and or apologize for them, as if they are another person. Now remember I started to take hemp for digestion problems… so this was a total bonus when my dry skin started to improve.  I do get flare ups from time to time with extreme stress, but all in all my hands are out for everyone to admire these days. I am thinking about becoming a hand model!!

This is how I normally pose with my hands.

So here is some great 411 on Essential fatty acids aka EFA’s are fatty acids that humans MUST ingest through food. Hint Hint Happy Hemp. The body requires EFA’s for good health and are required for the biological process. There are only 2 EFA’s we know….  Alpha-linolenic acid (an Omega 3) and linoleic acid (an Omega 6). Both found in Happy Hemp!!

EFA’s play a crucial role in keeping the body healthy. Studies show low levels of fatty acids can be a factor in several illnesses….Like osteoporosis.  Yikes!

Call 911 I did not eat enough EFA's

I love this… Research suggests that high intakes of foods high in essential fatty acids (fish, leafy veggies and nut products (Happy Hemp)) can decrease major depression. Happy Hemp truly does make you Happy!!

Happy Hemp + Body = Happy Me!!

Here is to eating for a better you!

Happy Hemp does the body good….:)


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