Happy Food for the Soul

Music is the food for the soul. It is the universal language of the world. Music unites us as a people.

Music has a power to bypasses the intellect. It is a language that we understand intuitively. You don’t have to write or sing music in order to comprehend the gift. The mind is able to rest while listening to music. The comprehension is beyond reasoning.

Music has the most amazing ability to bring together all races, ages and backgrounds united through lyrics, scales and rhythm. This weekend I went to see Dolly Parton a living legend in her own right. I was taken by the audience. The only way that room of beliefs, religion, politics would ever unite, is through the power of music. Democrat next to republican. Gay next to straight. Right next to left all dancing smiling and loving the music. There was no hatred. There was no judegment… just the love of music.

Today when you decide what to cook for dinner, also think about feeding your soul.


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