Happy Barcodes

Last week at Farmers’ Market, I had a gentleman tell me about “pine mouth.” Apparently there are pine nuts from China that cause taste disruption. Basically the pine nuts create a bitter and metallic taste that can last from 2 days to 2 weeks…. Everything you eat taste like shit. Ick!! Well I love pine nuts, but how do you tell a China nut from a US nut? PS I do realize the joke factor there ūüôā Or you can simply bypass the pine and pick up the Happy Hemp!!

Well here is how….

Bar codes reveal all.

Do you know where the food you are buying comes from?
Does the country of origin make a difference in what you purchase?
Many products no longer show where they are made, only the location
of the distributor. With the globalization of food sourcing,
what you are buying can come from anywhere.
If you’re concerned about the origin of the item you are purchasing,
there is a simple keyto being informed.
It’s the bar code. By simply knowing how to read the numbers,
you can be a more informed consumer.
While it is true that many products of foreign origin use
the U.S. or Canadian bar code, others do not.
Here are some basic tips: U.S. and Canadian bar codes have
a 12 digit number and all other international codes have 13.
The first three digits of the 13 digit international bar code show the
country of origin. Below is the key to de-coding the code.

UPC 3  

Some of the more dominant international codes are:

France 300-379

Germany 400-440

Japan 45-49

Taiwan 471

Philippines  480

Hong Kong 489

Poland 590

China  690-695

Mexico 750

Chile 780

Brazil 789-790

South Korea 880

Thailand 885

India 890

Vietnam 893

Indonesia 899

As an aware consumer, expand your purchasing decision beyond price and

ingredients. Know where your product comes from and purchase with assurance.


Barcode info: courtesy of my amigo Mark Oliver.



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