Happy Tuna Sandwich

I always keep certain items stocked in the pantry for those just in case days.

Just in case I get hungry. Just in case I don’t feel like cooking.

Just in case George Clooney stops by for lunch.

Thought I would stop by in my tuxedo to have lunch.

One of my favorite, just in case go to items is a can of tuna. In a pinch you can whip up a variety of options. My personal favorite is a simple tuna fish sandwich. Simple, easy, little mess, healthy and filling. There are a million ways you can fancy up the tuna, I prefer a little mayo (2 spoon full), a touch of mustard (1/2 a spoon)and a sprinkle of Happy Hemp (1 spoon full). Add all that to a can of tuna and viola!! Lunch is served.

 Depending on your preference, you can enjoy on crackers, stuff in a pita, add to a half an avocado or toast.

All great choices!!

And just in case George stops by for lunch… I have a just in case dress!

Valentino of course!


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