Happy Ice Cream

Ice Cream is the end all be all cure. I think it should be formally called Dr. Ice Cream. I have never met an ailment it can’t cure.

They thing is to know the right flavor.

Here is a guide to Ice Cream Wellness…

  • Vanilla aids in digestion.
  •  Chocolate great for migraines.
  • Butter pecan 24 hour flu.
  • Strawberry broken heart.
  • Neapolitan split personality disorder.
  • Chocolate chip cures measles.
  • French vanilla great for jet lag.
  •  Cookies and cream food poisoning.
  • Praline pecan great for PMS.
  • Cherry aids in sore throats.
  • Chocolate almond tooth aches.
  • Coffee helps with Insomnia.
  • Rocky road great if you are completely lost.

Ok Ice Cream does not aid in curing anything, but Happy Hemp does. So sprinkle some healthy love on to your ice cream and imagine it does!!


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