Happy Jonny Depp and a Cooking Demo

This was a weekend for the books!! I got a call on Friday asking if I would do a cooking demo on the local news station. I jumped at the chance and started to plan my menu, outfit and weekend accordingly.

Why yes.. I would love to be on TV.

The plan…..

  • Saturday: 6am wake up Farmers’ Market
  • Saturday: 2pm start to cook and bake for demo
  • Saturday: 6pm everything packed and ready to go. Minimal prep work Sunday am.
  • Saturday: 9pm bed
  • Sunday: 6am last minute prep and pack cooler
  • Sunday: 7am leave house
  • Sunday: 7:30 arrive station
  • Sunday: 8am film
The weekend seemed to start as planned. Farmers’s Market was great and the weather was amazing. I opted for a Fall themed display with lots of pumpkins, gourds and squash. Brightened up by bunches of Marigolds. The film festival had brought lots of people in to Austin for the weekend.  So my day was a mixture of  locals and  new Austin lovers. Soon to be Happy Hemp lovers!!
After market I headed to Central Market to buy my goodies for the demo and then home for some slicing, mixing, stirring and baking. Basically my goal was to show how easy to mix Happy Hemp into all dishes. So I had a lot to accomplish!
The Menu all with Happy Hemp:
  • Yogurt with strawberries
  • Cereal with milk
  • Blackberry Almond Smoothie (make on set)
  • Hummus with flatbread
  • Chocolate Chip cookies
  • Salad with fresh veggies
At 4:40 pm all my planning went into the trash with a single text message!!
Start Text: Just heard Jonny Depp and his band are playing a secret show at Continental Club at midnight.
WHAT!!! Are you kidding me?!! I was not going to miss the slight chance that this may or may not be true!! I hurried up and kicked the cooking into high gear. I had to get a tiny nap in somewhere… that did not happen! At 10pm (according to plan should of been in bed) I walked out the door looking fierce to go see the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow.

Miko I love you!

We arrived to a relatively small line, which made us think we were not correct in our information. Plus Chris and I have been in town for 1 month and know like 5 people. There had to be way more people in the know than us?? Never the less, we got in line and I crossed my fingers. I really hoped I did have to tell my mom, I waited in line for 2 hours (really!!) because I heard a rumor that was just that …a rumor!!  We started to make line friends that confirmed they had heard the same thing. I was feeling slightly better about my situation.  Being the sale girl I am, I was going to make this a good situation no matter what!! I brought Happy Hemp samples to give out. I educated all my new line BFF’s… Hey at least I might get a sale out of this!!
At midnight the doors finally opened!!! By then the line was 3 blocks long. This has to be true!!! The line slowly moved closer and then STOPPED!! We were 4 people from the door and they were done letting anyone inside!! By then, we had confirmed the rumor… 4 people stood between my and my future husband… FOUR!!! I was freaking out.  After what seemed an eternity, the bouncer said 8 more people and that’s it!! Holy cow I almost had a cow… SERIOUSLY!!
At 12:20am they took the stage and last but not least the ever so fabulous Mr. Depp appeared. If it could not get any better,  Billy Gibbons lead singer of ZZ top jumped on stage and joined in for several songs. It was AWESOME!! 90 min standing about 5 feet from Edward Scissorhands!! Life is good.
At 3 am I arrived home buzzing with excitement and the 6am hour was fast approaching!!

Get your ass out of bed!!

At 6am alarms screaming, I dragged myself out of bed, rinsed off and grabbed any clothes I could find. In a pinch threw on some red lips to help my I have been out all night look. I started pumping caffeine into my body. I still had prep to finish and pack everything into cooler and the car!! At 7:05 am I pulled out of the drive way and headed to the studios. Once we arrived, what part of me was feeling sleepy was jolted awake by the fear of going on live TV for my first time!! My stomach was doing flips and I wanted to get sick… No redo’s!!

You may not want to stand to close.. I may puke!

I have to say I pulled it off minus say the word “Viola” in the segment 100 times? At one point durning my demo, I noticed I was still adorning the ever so classy black skull door stamp on my hand… Classy!!  I am just happy I did not look the way I felt. Plus I met some other lovely local foodies the Casserole Queens. There demo was way more seamless than mine. You can see my full video on Happy Hemp’s Facebook and more photos from the day.
And that my friends is one of the most memorable weekends in my life… Viola!


  1. Becky Bergmann

    Love living vicariously through you! What a great weekend for you and Happy Hemp. Video was perfect and I will incorporate the hemp into my morning routine with lots more flare thanks to your demo.

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