Happy Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Could there be a sexier dessert?!? Chocolate dipped strawberries are SO decadent and SO yummy, but wait they are SO simple to make. Bonus!! I always focus on the dinner and forget all about the sweet ending, plus I hate to eat a big plate of heaviness after dinner. These are the perfect little somethin somethin at the end of a meal.

All you need to whip up these sassy little treats is chocolate (melt 1/2 cup of dark chocolate in double boiler), fresh strawberries (wash and pat dry) and Happy Hemp ( 1/4 sprinkled on a plate).

Take the strawberry by the stem and dip both sides into the chocolate (watch your wrist hitting the side of the bowl… it is hot trust me). Then immediately roll the strawberry in Happy Hemp and place on wax paper tray. Throw in fridge until ready to serve!! Really it is that simple. Your guest will be impressed, you have little mess and all there is left to do is enjoy a fabulous night with good friends. Viola!!


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