Happy Kids… PB and J

At market, I see lots of families. This is how the scenario goes…..

  1. Family approaches booth.
  2. Mom learns how great Happy Hemp is from yours truly.
  3. Mom samples HH. Smile and disbelief come over her face.
  4. Mom turns to son and says will you try this.
  5. Little Joey looks at HH like it is live worms with dirt and makes a horrible face at me.
  6. I smile (cause I am polite) and try to make little Joey change his mind.
  7. Not happening and I guess I can’t blame him. I probably would have done the same.
  8. Here is the solution to kids who no likey the health food.
Happy Hemp is the 007 of health food. You can sneak into their food without them knowing it!!
Happy Kids. Happy Mom. Happy Hemp.

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