Happy Easy

I am the queen of buying things that I never end up using. I am all over it the first week and then slowly I fall off the regiment. Commitment is not my thing, hence I am single. I have drawers full of lotions and potions promising to make me younger. I have a pantry of health food that will make you a better you but taste like dirt. All of these purchases end up migrating to the back of the shelves. I see them leering at me every time I open the door. Judging me for being a quitter.

I taste like dirt, but you will be skinny if you eat me!! No thanks.

When I first met hemp seeds, I was cautious to believe. Like many I did not know that hemp is also a food source, a super food at that. What super food do you know that taste good? In my head if it is good for you, then it must taste like shit. Well that is not the case with Happy Hemp. It is the real deal. The Chupacabra of health food.

The easy thing about Happy Hemp is you don’t have to do anything to it. You can literally eat straight out of the bag by the spoonful.

A spoonful of health.

Or easily added to any dish.

Add to Cereal

The goal is to get the Happy Hemp into your body.

Add to oatmeal

My commitment phobia issues of health food are a thing of the past.

To your health! xo Miko


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