Happy Holiday Family Recipes

The holidays are an amazing time of year. Family’s coming together to share special moments, houses dance with lights, presents are wrapped, and children are a buzz with the anticipation of gifts. REALLY?

My family can be more like the Real Housewives of New Jersey. This is a guide line of how to get through the pending holiday season.

Recipes for Family Drama….

Divorce Parents:

You would think after dealing with this for 30 + years I would be a pro, but every year I get caught in their divorced web. My mom and dad (love them) keep score. They each have a mental scoreboard in their heads. Documenting down to the second how much time I spend with their side of the family. I am unable to rise above the situation and become extremely stressed.

  • Recipe for divorced parents: 1 glass of red wine and 2 TBSP’s of Happy Hemp. Happy Hemp is great for hormone fluctuation that may lead to outburst.

Family Members Who Do Not Speak: 

Sister who don’t talk to brothers. Uncles who don’t talk to uncles. Siblings who don’t speak to in-laws. Take your pick we have them all. I am always trying to play the peace keeper between family members. During the holidays, I try to wipe the chalkboard clean of who did what to whom. I rally behind each trying to hypnotize them with memories from sweeter happier days. Needless to say, the peace keeper is not appreciated by either party. My good intentions are not welcomed and I end of usually starting a fight between the two. At least they are now speaking!!

  • Recipe for Non-Speakers: A margarita and 2 TBSP’s of Happy Hemp. Happy Hemp is great for decreasing stressful tension.

Horrible Food: 

Everyone in my family thinks they are a gourmet cook, however that is not the case. So we eat the over-salted, over-seasoned, over-cooked dish as not to upset the person. Somehow I feel like that is not the best way to handle the situation. I personally make up for the lack of taste by over complimenting them and encouraging them to quit their job and try out for Top Chef.

  • Recipe for Bad Eats: Chamomile tea and 2 TBSP of Happy Hemp. Happy Hemp is great for digestion and upset tummy.

Annoying Family Members:

In my family we have the person who tries to make everyone get along. I… I mean the person tries to help the divorced be happy, which creates a fight. They also try to break long vows of silence between family members, which creates even more silenced drama. And if that is not bad enough they encourage bad habits to continues, such as cooking. They create holiday stress and sleepless nights amongst many.

  • Recipe for Drama: Warm milk and 2 TBSP of Happy Hemp. Happy Hemp is great for insomnia.

So my advise to you this year is to keep your Happy Hemp close… 2 TBSP just might be the perfect recipe for the perfect holiday.


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