Happy Greek Yogurt, Honey and Allergies

I always share how Austin has been an amazing move. The people are far out in that groovy sort of way.  The music makes my heart sing. The outdoor activities are never ending. Surely there has to be one thing wrong with Austin…. well I have found it. Or should I say it found me?

I have had minimal allergies my 35 years of existence. Apparently that is all going to change with my glorious move to Austin. Ever heard of Cedar Fever? I have sneezed, blown, rubbed more than I care to in the past 48 hours. The holidays are over and I look like rudolph the red nosed reindeer. URG!!

One of the best things to combat allergies in nature is honey from your region. These days I have been dipping my Zyrtec in honey and also adding it to my yogurt. 2 TBSP of Happy Hemp sprinkled on top is great for boosting your immune system!!

So Austin is not perfect, but pretty damn close. Sending lots of love and sniffles from Austin!!


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