Happy Forging of the Perfectly Flawed

Last night I watched The Big Waste on the Food Network. The premiss of the show was to make a gourmet meal for 100 people from ONLY foods being thrown away. I loved the concept, but honestly is that truly possible? Do we throw that much viable food away?  Celebrity chefs headed out to local markets, farms and distributors in searched of unwanted edibles to complete their challenge.
I understand the concept of perishable food due to life span, such as fish and meats. What I was unaware of is a crime I commit on a daily basis, I have become a food snob. I search for and buy only the perfect shaped colored vegetables. When I see flaws and bumps my brain had been trained to think rotten, bad, not good, trash.
I adopt and rescue animals… I second hand shop… I go out of my way to be a kind non-judmental person of ALL living things… expect for my food?   After watching this eye opening show on how we have been trained to demand perfection in Mother Nature, which in turns creates THOUSANDS of pounds of perfectly good food waste, I was disgusted. Millions of people go hungry in the US on a daily basis… all the while we throw away perfectly good food cause we don’t like the way it looks?  What? I am going to personally make a choice to change the way I view my foods. I will see love in odd shaped peppers, I will see nourishment in discolored tomatoes and I will see flavor in bruised potatoes in hopes that forging the flawed could prevent excess waste.
Happy Flaw. Happy Forge. Happy Hemp.

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