Happy Kale Goat Cheese Scrabble

Keeping with my new YOU resolution, getting up and making breakfast every morning is a new regular task. One of my favorites to get the day started is a quick and easy scrabble eggs. I love to add whatever veggies I have on hand in the fridge. Today I had a bunch of kale in need of use and some left over goat cheese. Not sure how the kale will work, but with “new” being the theme… Why not!?

So before the chopping, cooking and cleaning can commence, we need to get the love flowing in the kitchen. Pandora station: Florence and the Machine…on.  Fresh hot cup of coffee…poured. Alright grab a clove of garlic.. clean, chop and set aside. 1 cup of kale washed, cut and chopped. Place a skillet on medium heat with 2 TBSP of olive oil. Saute the garlic and kale together for about 5 min or until the kale wilts.

Grab your eggs and let’s start cracking. Here is a little egg person chart I use… 1 person 2 eggs, 2 people 3 eggs, and so on. I prefer more veggies to less eggs, again keeping it yummy and healthy!  Whisk your eggs with 2 TBSP of milk. Add the eggs to the kale, turn to low heat and mix together.

Cooking tip: I was once told by a chef, the key to perfect fluffy eggs is a low flame.

Using a spatula or a wooden spoon as eggs set push towards center. Keep repeating until eggs are completed the journey from liquid state to set state. After eggs are set.. flip them over a couple times to ensure they are completely cooked. Place the gorgeous kale and eggs on a plate. Place a 1 TBSP of goat cheese on top with 2 TBSP of Happy Hemp.

For the moment of truth. Fork, bite, mouth….mmmmm good!

Now that is good… Enjoy your day!


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