Happy Saute 101

Sautéing veggies is a simple way to have a quick healthy tasty dinner. The word sauté literally means “to jump” in French,

hence the flipping of the food in the pan.

First you need the right pan… a traditional sauté pan is shallow with a flat bottom.

High temperature is used to evaporate the water from the vegetables, which brings out the flavor.

Let’s try this out…

I picked up some amazing kale at farmers’ market this weekend.

Chop up the kale in 1 inch strips and 2 cloves of garlic.

Heat up 2 TBSP of peanut oil in a pan and add in the chopped garlic.

We are using peanut oil due to the high heat.

Next add in the kale strips. Cook until the become a brilliant green, about 5 minutes.

Place on a plate and add 2 TBSP of Happy Hemp.

This is perfect as a meal or as a side dish.

The most important thing to remember about cooking…Have Fun!




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