Happy Apple, Kale and Carrots for Me and Paw

Oliver my darling golden is pushing 11 years young.

This gentle giant is slowing down and his health is top concern.

When he started to have thyroid problems and IBS, I decided to take a real look at what he was eating.

Could a raw food diet be as good for mom as pup?

After some investigation, reading and chatting with my vet, it seemed so!!

I armed myself with a juicer and oliver and I embarked on the raw unknown together.

I feed him as if he is in the wild.

I start the morning giving him a raw meat of sorts.

Raw Chicken Wing: yes that is right. Cooked bone is bad. That is when the bone is dried out, thus splinters.

Raw Beef Ribs: Again the raw bone is excellent for cleaning their teeth and keeping the gums healthy.

All the stuff you would pass up is great for them and inexpensive… chicken feet, turkey neck, beef liver.

Next I prepare the veggies.

Today I am using red carrots, yellow golden apples and green kale to make the mixture and my juice.

All veggies are cleaned and chopped up ready for the Breville.

After juicing all the ingredients, I put the pulp in his bowl.

Next I mix into the veggie pulp a scoop of plain yogurt (great of digestion) and 2 TBSP of Happy Hemp.

Happy Hemp is great for his digestion, coat and overall well being.

I love not throwing away the pulp and making his meal.

For me I add in a nice chunk of ginger and my juice is complete. Yum!!

Keeping his health needs on track have helped me keep mine on track as well.

After 6 months of him on his new diet, I am happy to report…

He has lost 15lbs. No more thyroid issues and IBS is under control!

Bonus his blond locks are looking better than ever!!

Mom and pup living and loving life.



  1. Just exactly the type of recipes I love. I started juicing a while back and my ever increasing need to feed the dogs organic real food proved to find me adding the pulp to their diets as well. I add yogurt to all their meals too! 🙂
    Aloha wags!

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