Happy Youth

After my mom and grandma left, I was inspired to create food from my youth. Growing up my Obachan (grandma) was a huge influence on my personality and my palate. She came to the US in 1954 after meeting my grandfather during the Korean war. She was born in Yahata, Japan… I promised I would not put the year. ūüôā

Taken a day before the were married 58 years ago.

In 1952 she was working at a military¬†office and going to an English school. To get home after work she had two options a city bus or a military bus. She would always ride the city bus, due to the rumors she had heard of American soldiers. On this particular day she was standing in line to get on the city bus and my grandfather was waiting for the military bus. After seeing her…. it was love at first sight. ¬†He followed her on to the city bus. She tells me..He started to try to talk to me… it was so rude! I get off bus and he follow me.” ¬†She says…. every time I turn around he right there behind me (she giggles) and after 58 years he is still always there right behind me!! She says the rest is history….

This is a spin on one of my favorite meals she used to make me.

Cook 1 cup of brown rice per instructions on bag.

Take 2 leaves of kale and chop into 1 inch strips.

Saute in a skillet with olive oil. Set aside.

Next fry an egg in the same skillet. I like mine slightly runny in the middle.

Combine in a bowl from bottom to top.

Brown rice, kale, Happy Hemp seeds and the egg.

The next part is the most important part. You add the sprinkles.

When I was a kid that was the most important part.

It was my parmesan cheese!!

You can buy at most grocery stores in the Asian section.



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