Happy Garden. Skeeter’s Beware!!

I was so excited to move to Austin and have a backyard with a real grass and a porch!! High living after being a Los Angeles resident for 10 years. My dogs are still amazed and confused by the glory of it all. I spent the past 2 weeks decorating my patio. Outdoor rug, chairs, side tables, and large potted plants. I was so excited to test out my little slice of patio heaven. I headed out last weekend at dusk with my wine in hand to enjoy the great outdoors with the pups…eeeezzzz… slap!! WTF was that creature… scratch… creatures! I was attacked by horse size mosquitos. I was sent running inside for cover, but not before the sucked my blood and left huge welts up and down my legs, arms, hands, feet…EVERYWHERE!!

I set out to find a natural way to OFF  these vampire insects. I found that several plants and herbs are great for keeping these pests away…. Wish I knew that prior to planting as I did not choose any of the following… Go Figure!

Basil is not only great for your salads and pasta, but also for warding off mosquitos.

Use basil as your center piece on your dinner table. Double reward.

Lemon grass is not only inexpensive, but easy to grow. Place in planters around your patio.

Great for making tea and flavoring summer inspired dishes.

The citronella is one of the most popular natural remedies to keep the skeeters at bay.

Instead of burning the candles, you can plant these darling flowers all over your patio.

Who has not at one time or another seasoned a dish with rosemary?

Yep great for jazzing up food and keeping sting away!! Plus rosemary is easy to grow, even if you have a black thumb.

Garlic is one of my favorite go to’s in the kitchen and for bug bites.

These plants are great for keeping away many types of insects and awesome for bites.

Take a garlic clove mash it up and rub on any insect bite. The juice help to heal and take away the itch!

Marigolds have a smell that keep most away human and insect.

Plant these gorgeous sunburst around your patio to help keep the bugs away and unwanted neighbors.

I saved my favorite for last. Geraniums are great for keeping plant eating bugs out of the garden and mosquitos at bay.

When I was little my Grandma Grayless had these all over her garden…. she obviously was a very smart lady!!

Always had the most amazing garden on the block.

Wishing you a scratch-less summer!



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