Raw vs. Toasted….Double the Happy!

Toasted vs. Raw
I have had a lot of emails asking about raw vs toasted. So let’s break it down….
What are they?
First what is the difference between raw and toasted?
Toasted is the full actual seed, lightly toasted and dusted with sea salt.
The raw is the inside, or heart, of the seed. The best example is a sunflower seed.
The toasted is the entire seed and the raw is the part you get when you open up the seed.
Got health?
Both are packed full of protein (more than meat, fish or tofu), omegas and essential fatty acids, and provide all the minerals and vitamins the body needs on a daily basis.
The difference is going to be that the toasted is heated up and no longer is raw, but still is gluten-free, soy-free, vegan and GMO free. The Toasted Happy Hemp boasts 15 grams of fiber per serving and 12 grams of protein.
Raw is a soft seed similar to a pine nut or a sunflower. This moist seed melts in your mouth like butter. It is perfect for baking, cooking and sprinkling into any dish!!
Toasted hemp seeds can be enjoyed more like a snack. You can just pop a handful in your mouth. Unlike the raw seeds, which are quite soft, this little seed packs a big crunch!! You get all the “potato chippy” satisfaction from salt and crunch, minus the fat.  Happy thighs!!
Why are they different prices?
This being the number one question! Why do the toasted seeds cost less?
The process to extract the raw seed out of the shell is costly and time consuming, but oh is it worth it!!
Why Happy Hemp?
Whether you chose to be raw-some or toast-tastic, Happy Hemp provides the freshest most flavorful hemp. Every bag is packed with happiness just for you!!!
Happy Raw. Happy Toast. Happy Hemp.


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