Happy Juicing: It is Paw-Fect!

My cousin recommended I watch the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross. Well it was a game changer. The movie blew my mind and scared the shit out of me!! I ran literally to the store the next day and I bought a juicer.  I can say 100% juicing has bettered my health, but what about my Oliver’s (dog) life?

Oliver my darling sweet 12 year young golden retriever. Like his mommy, he suffers from tummy issues. I decided to eliminate all processed dog food from his life and see if that would help. With research and help from my vet, I made sure I was giving Oliver all the components of healthy diet. That is when I decided to use the juice pulp as a base for his dog food. Win! Win?  Let’s be honest… I was not to confident he would be keen on eat a bowl of kale! Well I was wrong, he loved the new food and is healthier dog because of it!  If you are thinking of making the switch, I highly recommend the book give your dog a bone.

Now let’s get juicing….



  1. I’ve been drinking Mean Green for a while now and it has brought amazing benefits to my health as well as energy galore! I use a Ninja and make a slurry with extra water so that I can get all the fiber from those organic veggies–and it fills me up so I’m not hungry. Now, my dog is another story….Thanks for boosting awareness about Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

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