Happy Hemp Start

I love how when one door closes another opens!!

Starting Happy Hemp was a personal journey of dealing with sickness and loss of a job.

My rock bottom was the foundation to start my life’s passion project.



  1. richard schirner3rd

    hemp is concidered the national product by our original creaters of america and need not be renamed mariuana nor subjected to such dibaulcherous ideals that we the people cannot repeat history and too find the refinement prosessing so difficult that the cost be more than freedom from taxation without representation. idiots make only cookies and crumpets and medicinal americans make clothing for soldiers and law enforcement and catostrophic event stock etc. and the retired, diabled,or forclosed scociety is to be given the right by order to engage in the prossesing to afford the costs of needs of those sworn to the service of the UNITED STATES U.S. TREASORY. The shame is noone is loyal to uncle sam and his creators. instead they smoke pot and eat cookies and crumpets and laugh at the poor of whom have no representatives in regards to salvation or goodwill. begging is the policy of the present day leaders of charities and so laziness and dissention has become commonplace.

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