Not So Happy Mon-Satan Protection Act

As I’m sure many of you are aware, this Tuesday President Barak Obama signed a spending bill, HR 933, also known as the Monsanto Protection Act. I have renamed this provision as the Mon-Satan Protection Act. As International Business Times reported, the bill “effectively bars federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of controversial genetically modified (GMO) or engineered (GE) crops or seeds, no matter what health consequences may arise concerning GMO’s in the future.”


So let’s get a few things straight. Our President, whose wife actually planted a vegetable and herb garden in the White House upon election and travels the country promoting healthy eating and living, voluntarily signed a bill to allow  the planting and distribution of GMO seeds (that have been found to cause cancer) across the country. Hmm…it just does not make sense.

This provision is driven in large part by the company Monsanto, most commonly known for their maize seeds. Isn’t it shocking that our government can put a patent on food? If anyone is going to patent corn it should definitely be the Native Americans.

How is it that our health is sinking to the bottom of the priority list? Correct me if I’m wrong , but aren’t food, shelter and clothing considered three of our basic needs as humans? Now our Leader has jeopardized one of those very necessities.

Even with over 250,000 voters signing a petition opposing the provision, our government decided to turn it’s back on the people and our health and followed their wallets rather than their hearts. The courts are now helpless to stop Monsanto from planting GMO crops that even the US government thinks are dangerous to human health and our beloved environment.

Instead of looking at a glass that is half empty, we see a glass that is half full.  This will inspire communities across the country to do some research and support local businesses and companies who operate with integrity. We are determined, now more than ever, to support local farmers, put our health and well-being first, and keep our town strong and thriving.

This is the very reason Happy Hemp was started. A pissed off attitude (due to a shortage on quality hemp seeds in the United States) turned into passion. We should all be excited to be living in this day and time. This is the brush stroke of change.

Happy Local. Happy Movement. Happy Hemp.


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