Happy Spring Cleaning

So for the past two weeks, I have had an unhealthy addiction to a show called Friday Night Lights.. I have literally been watching two-three (1hour) episodes a day. Thanks to my enabler, Netflix, for having every episode of every season available for viewing 24/7. It gets me excited just thinking about it! Anyways, last night, in an attempt to have yet another FNL marathon I was running around the house searching high and low for new batteries. It seems my TV remote was out of juice. Surprise, surprise–NOT! I’ve been using it non-stop trying to feed my FNL addiction! When I finally located my battery stash I realized how many old batteries I had!! It was an embarrassing amount. This did not settle right with me and got me thinking, how many other people are having this same realization? No more I say! The days of hoarding batteries are over.


Batteries contain harmful materials such as nickel, cadmium, mercury and lead.

Americans purchase nearly 3 billion batteries annually and about 200,000 of those end up in landfills across the country.

When these materials are burned, they vaporize into the air and pollute our lakes, streams, and air.

Even worse, when batteries are put into landfills, they can leak in our environment and disturb our ecosystem.

These batteries are releasing toxic wastes and exposing harmful metals and acids into our environment and ground water!

Needless to say, proper battery waste management is necessary for our health and environment.

For the month of April, we will be collecting your old batteries at the SFC Saturday (9am-1pm) and HOPE Sunday (11am-3pm) farmers markets in Austin! Whether they are A, AA, AAA, laptop, digital camera or cellphone batteries, we will gladly take them and PROPERLY dispose of them with help from the nationwide battery recycling program Call2Recycle. We hope that our Austin Happy Hempers participate in this effort to keep landfills clean of harmful batteries and their consequences!


Happy Recycle. Happy Batteries. Happy Hemp.


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