Happy Vitamin C

I will never truly understand Texas weather. One day it’s hot, another it’s rainy and cold, back-and-forth and so on! Mother nature is almost as indecisive as I am lately! I want to retire my winter wardrobe but I just can’t with all these unexpected cold fronts we’ve been getting. So with the unpredictable weather changes we’ve been experiencing in Austin, I have been trying to up my vitamin C intake to keep my immune system strong and on guard!

Not only is vitamin C good for your immune system, but it helps the body maintain healthy tissue while aiding in the absorption of iron. If you are trying to kick a common cold or another icky illness, vitamin C is a powerful ally.  I love, and prefer, getting my vitamins and minerals naturally through foods. It is the best (and most enjoyable) way for our bodies to digest and absorb the nutrients. For me, digesting those large horse-sized pills isn’t an option. Even after drinking 3 tall glasses of water like they recommend, blah blah blah– this girl is not convinced they’ve actually dispersed throughout my system. Ladies, we need about 75mg of vitamin C a day. Gents, y’all need a little more, about 90mg a day!

vitamin c

Here are the top 10 sources of vitamin C. You may be surprised to find that oranges aren’t ranked 1st!

1. Happy Guava – One half cup of the fruit contains 188mg! Wowza!

2. Happy Sweet Red Pepper – One half cup of sweet red pepper (raw) contains 142 mg, and 116mg if you cook the veggie.

3. Happy Kale – A whopping 120mg per 100g of these raw leafy greens.

4. Happy Kiwi – One medium sized kiwi has 70mg.

5. Happy Oranges – One medium orange has 70mg.

6. Happy Sweet Green Pepper – 60mg of vitamin C per half cup of the raw pepper and 51mg when cooked.

7. Happy Grapefruit – About the same as the sweet green pepper,  3/4 cup has about 50-70 mg.

8. Happy Strawberries – Full of fiber and antioxidants, including vitamin C. One half cup contains 49 mg.

9. Happy Brussels Sprouts – A true superfood- packed with 48 mg of vitamin C.

10. Happy Cantaloupe – This delicious summertime fruit is come close behind brussels sprouts with 47mg.



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