Happy Peppermint Relief

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You know summertime in Texas is approaching when you walk outside for two minutes and get attacked by mosquitos. In my true optimistic state of mind, no matter what the situation is I try to hone in on at least one positive thing. But I mean, is there really a silver lining to being eaten alive by mosquitos? NO! I guess they must think I’m sweet, right? We all know that peppermint is a life savor when it comes to bad breath, but you might not know it has many other beneficial elements like it’s ability to cool bites and stings?! COOL! It is one of the most versatile aromatic herbs, hands down.

Here are some other cool facts about peppermint and its oil:

1. Happy Health- it is compromised of vitamins A, C, omega-3 fatty acids, and contain minerals including potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, and copper. It is commonly used to treat several health problems.

2. Happy Inside– to help with indigestion, add a few drops  of peppermint oil into a warm glass of water and bye bye pain, hello sweet relief!

3. Happy Inhale– the menthol in peppermint oil helps to clear respiratory tract. Use it as a cold rub or inhale through a vaporizer and so long nasal congestion.

4. Happy Head– provides relief from headaches by dabbing a few drops on your wrist and inhale slowly. It also works as a stress buster.

5. Happy Relaxation– soak yourself in a bath or shower after applying some drops of peppermint oil on your body. The refreshing properties found in peppermint will leave you feeling energized.

6. Happy Beauty- massage a few drops on to scalp with warm water to help heal dry skin or apply on face to keep blemishes at bay.

7. Happy Healingcools bites and stings by increasing blood flow to affected area.

Happy Peppermint. Happy Relief. Happy Hemp.


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