Happy Black Bean Quinoa Bowl

I am a HUGE fan of Chipotle. It’s safe to say I probably eat there about once a week. I kind of consider their chicken burrito bowl comfort food, but this time I was looking for a way to keep the protein but ditch the calories. I stumbled upon this recipe on Pinterest, of course, one of my absolute favorite places to find  new recipes! For those of you who use Pinterest, you can agree that it is the worst site to browse when you are hungry!! I made the mistake of looking on Pinterest mid-afternoon when my stomach was hunnngry like the wolf–cue the Duran Duran song! The recipe is super quick and easy, plus it’s great to make for a group because you can customize the add-ins.

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 12.24.56 PM


1 cup quinoa

1 tbsp olive oil

1/4 cup minced onion

2 clove garlic, minced

2 cans (15 oz each) black beans, rinsed and drained

1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro

1/4 tsp chili powder (mild)

Pinch of cayenne pepper (spicy)

1/4 cup fresh lime juice

1 cup shredded lettuce

2 tbsp Happy Hemp toasted seeds


Suggested Optionals Toppings:

Grated cheddar or jack cheese                                             Greek yogurt

Pico de gallo                                                                                Corn salsa

Diced  tomatoes                                                                         Hot sauce

Sliced avocado                                                                            Guacamole



1. Rinse the quinoa thoroughly in a mesh strainer or sieve, drain.

2. In a saucepan, bring the quinoa in 2 cups of water to a boil, then reduce heat to a low simmer. Cover the pot & let simmer for about 20 minutes (until water is absorbed & grains are tender).

3. While quinoa is cooking, heat 1 tbsp of oil in another saucepan over medium heat.

4. Combine minced onion & garlic into the saucepan and saute for a few minutes till it softens and begins to turn brown.

5. Add the black beans to the pot of onions along with 1/2 cup water, cilantro, chili powder & cayenne pepper.

7. Bring the beans to a boil, then reduce heat to medium low. Let the beans simmer for 15 minutes (until liquid is mostly evaporated).

8. Stir in 2 tbsp of fresh lime juice. Season with salt to taste.

9. When the quinoa is fully cooked, remove from heat and fluff with a fork & mix in cilantro & lime juice. Season with salt to taste.

10. Assemble your  bowls with cilantro lime quinoa, black beans, shredded lettuce, corn salsa, avocado, sour cream, pico de gallo, and Happy Hemp toasted seeds. Enjoy!



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