Happy Garlic Scapes

You might be asking yourself, what are these Suess-ical shapes known as “garlic scapes” I keep seeing at the farmers’ market? It’s a close relative to onions, shallots, leeks and chives, but has a taste that will blow your mind. The intensity of the garlic mellows after cooking into a delicious onion-like flavor I’ve never tasted before! They are great on top of cooked fish, tossed into a salad, mixed into stir fry or added to a sandwich. The possibilities are endless! Just let your tastebuds guide you.



5 Garlic scapes

1 Tbsp Ghee ( or your choice of butter )

2 Tbsp Happy Hemp raw or toasted seeds

Salt & Pepper



1. Chop end of the stem off and cut into small pieces bulb and all.

2. Sauté in ghee (or your choice of butter) until slightly brown.

3. Season with salt and garnish with Happy Hemp raw or toasted seeds.

Yep, it’s that easy! Enjoy!



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