Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Mom’s are the core of families; the glue, the sticky tape and the band-aids that work overtime to make sure her children’s needs, wants and everything in between are met and exceeded.

Year after year we try and find new material things to give our mother’s, showing our unconditional love for them. This year I encourage you to start a new tradition. Choose to spend the day making memories, because those are the priceless treasures you simply cannot forge or buy. While growing up often means moving away from the ones you love, make a sincere effort to spend the day with your special lady.

Anything from a picnic at the park, planting a new garden, riding bikes to your favorite lunch café, to volunteering at a local charity to help the less fortunate. Do something that puts a smile on your mom’s face! Be creative and meaningful. This day is about her, make sure she knows that (:

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 12.17.43 PMWishing all the Mother’s out there a happy happy day filled with laughter and love!

Happy Love. Happy Mom. Happy Hemp.


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