Happy Blueberry Buttons

I’m a girl on-the-go, forever and always. No matter how much I plan to slow down and space out meetings, events and face time with friends– I always seem to overbook myself. The calendar on my phone just laughs at me like,  “Ha, really? You’re seriously going to attempt to do all of that today?” I get frazzled during long work days and my eating habit is unfortunately what tends to suffer. SO, to prepare for my crazy busy trip to Springfield tomorrow I have decided to be proactive about my in-between meeting snacks. These blueberry buttons are super delicious and nutritious (;

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 2.38.00 PM


2 Cups Greek yogurt

2 Tbsp local honey

6 Oz fresh blueberries

3 Tbsp Happy Hemp seeds, raw




1. Mix Greek yogurt and honey together in a small bowl or cup.

2. Put Happy Hemp seeds in separate bowl.

3. Using a toothpick, stick a berry, dip & swirl (entire berry) in yogurt then again in Happy Hemp seeds.

4. Place berry on cookie sheet.

5. When all berries are covered, put in freezer for about an hour.


Snack away & enjoy!



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