Happy Unusual Composting

Just because you don’t live on a farm, doesn’t mean you can’t reduce, reuse and recycle your everyday unusual goods. Composting is an eco-friendly, cheap and effective way to fertilize your garden, plants and crops. Aside from being an amazing soil conditioner, it reduces landfill waste, introduces beneficial organisms to the soil, as well as a home for your kitchen and yard waste. Nothing beats the taste of homegrown vegetables and herbs. The best part about it all is that you don’t need a large space or lots of land to produce your own goods. Whether they’re grown in a lush spacious plot of soil or a conservative ‘container garden’, the quality (and experience) is untouchable. All you need is a balcony or windowsill and hey, you’re further along than you think, you already have the compost.


Here are some unusual items that you might not have known you can turn into compost.

1. Coffee grounds- oh good, now I can justify my expensive coffee!

2. Stale bread, crackers, cereal, pizza crusts, beer/wine.

3. Old spices and  herbs.

4. Wine corks–give your ‘Wine-Down Wednesdays’ a purpose!

5. Moldy cheese, doesn’t cheese get better as it ages..aka molds?

6. Old jelly, jams and preserves.

7.  Used and abused loofahs.

8. Dryer lint, better in the garden than starting a fire in your dryer!

9. Pencil shavings.

10. Used matches.

11. Subscription cards from magazines.

12. Rawhide dog chews–if you can salvage them from your pups!

13. Contents of your vacuum cleaner – don’t look, just dump it out.

14. Sticky notes.

15. Hair, or pet fur – it’s disgusting but you know you have it 😉

Keeping it weird from our garden to yours. 

Happy Unusual. Happy Composting. Happy Hemp.



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