Happy Fig = Happy You

Who would have thought figs, such a weird looking fruit, were so good for you! They are one of the prime fruits that have been eaten and enjoyed since the ancient times in human history. The nutrients they contain will help to keep us alive and healthy until we’re ancient!


Happy Figure: Figs are low in calories. One fig is only about 74 calories.

Happy Body: They are jam packed with dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants that greatly contribute to optimum health, wellness and happiness!

Happy Levels: Rich in potassium, they help to regulate blood sugar and control blood-glucose levels. Great snack for diabetics!

Happy Bones: Loaded with calcium, they are great for strengthening bones!

Happy Metabolism: Figs have good levels of B-complex group vitamins which together function as a team to metabolize carbs, proteins and fats!

Happy Tummy: With such a deliciously sweet taste to them, they make for a yummy snack or guilt-free treat!

Happy Fig. Happy You. Happy Hemp.



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