Happy Homegrown

Since living in Austin, I’ve noticed more than ever how many people prefer quality over convenience. This is definitely apparent with food. Largely because we’re lucky enough to have some of best chefs/restaurants in the United States. It is the chefs who are first to arrive at farmers markets to get the freshest veggies and herbs to serve in their restaurants that week. That’s actually how we’ve met many of the chefs we work with! Austinites love going to restaurants that source their ingredients locally.  You automatically know it’s going to taste just a little better than a larger chain restaurant whose focus is more on mass production than quality.

The farmers market is a place of inspiration. After seeing the incredible assortment of produce and herbs, it often sparks market goers, like myself, to start your own garden! Big or small, there is an undeniable level of satisfaction from growing something on your own!

IMG_6016Some herbs actually grow better in the summer warmth than do others. If you’re thinking of adding fragrant herbs to your garden, here are some of the best for the season:


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