Happy Pants and Cocktails

What’s the saying,  A picture is worth a thousand words? Well this picture is worth a thousand laughs.

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 11.37.55 AM

Last week I was on a well deserved vacation in Costa Rica. Being the audacious girl that I am, I always want to seize the adventure. The day before this picture was taken we hiked to the top of the most incredible waterfall. On the way down, I slipped-n-slid on my behind down a rock. I earned a couple scrapes and battle scratches along the way to show off.

I was quickly reminded the next day of my injuries as I stepped into the ocean–ouch! Not to mention, my bikini bottoms were positioned perfectly to continue to slip and slide on my cuts and scrapes. I solved the situation with a quick outfit change: yoga shorts on, bikini bottoms off, and to another adventure I go.

If you have ever been to Costa Rica, every twist and turn down the road reveals a hidden beach, a gorgeous mountainside or a majestic rainforest. Today we were lured in by a breath taking beach. Perfect stop for a photo op. In the middle of the beach stood a beautiful rock (see photo) positioned perfectly for the “wish you were here” snapshot. As the tide went out you could scramble up and get into position for the waves to rush forward and burst behind you. My friend Maja was first up on the rock. The next part gets interesting…

I was apparently very caught up in the moment, which brings on a temporary state of confusion? I proceeded to pull down my yoga shorts in order to get my photo taken in my bikini. That would be the bottoms I removed about 3 hours earlier. So recap. Shorts dropped. Butt bare. Still confused and not sure what is happening. At this point normal speed stops and things start moving in slow motion. 1 Mississippi. 2 Mississippi. Maja screams something at me. I am going to go with, “WTF are you doing!?” I am now aware I have no pants on and start to scream. Now I can’t get my damn pants back up because I am damp, wet and it is humid. I was bouncing around the beach like, well… like a dumb girl with her girl bits showing. REALLY there is not much you can say after that. The lovely 8 strangers I had met 2 days earlier as the trip began are now DYING of laughter. To seal the deal our driver says, “What happens in Costa Rica, stays in Costa Rica.”

I was in need of drink after that!

Add toasted Happy Hemp seed dust to the rim of you next rita!



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