Happy Piggy

Today, I’m smiling from ear-to-ear! And not just because it’s Friday. I am so happy to announce our Happy Hemp family has expanded by one voluptuous pot belly pig! Her name is Olive and she is absolutely delightful! What originally started as just a temporary pig-sitting situation has turned into a long term piggy love affair. After having her for just a week, I’ve realized that I simply cannot give her back! Every morning I walk outside, she greets me with an oink, snort and starts galloping my way! She is by far the most social pig I’ve ever met. Granted, I have not met a lot of pigs, I imagine she has a far larger personality than most little oinkers. And most importantly, she adores Oliver & Moka. So when our friend, Tanner, said he needed to find a home for her, it was an easy decision.. the piggy stays.


Olive The Pig

Born: Lincoln, Nebraska 2011

Likes: people, playing with the dogs, stealing their dog toys, veggies (especially carrots), mud, cool places, hay, water/hose, plants… did I mention eating? (:

Dislikes: BACON! & the construction workers next door when they use staple guns!

Hobbies: oinking, snorting, eating, chasing Oliver & Moka,

Dreams: to be the next Miss Piggy USA

Fun Fact: I’m a vegetarian! & my tail never stops wagging!

Where I’ll be in 5 years: growing old inside the house with the dogs! Still trying to convince Miko I’ll clean up after myself… I’m not thaaaat messy (;



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