Happy Hemp Kale, Mango, Celery and Banana Smoothie!

I always say that I am a “foodie” not a “healthy”. If it does not taste good, I am not going anywhere near it. I do love the taste of veggies and tend to have a healthy palette, but I am not a fan of veggies being in places they don’t belong. So I blend up my smoothies with the mindset of a milkshake. Rich and creamy… check! check!

2014-01-11 20.53.19The thought of replacing creamy almond milk with water was the first hint that this was not going to taste good. The second clue was kale and celery. I thought there was no freaking way the banana and the mango would make taste “buds” with the likes of those two.

2014-01-11 21.01.02Well I can say this, I have no problem admitting when I am wrong. Ok, so I was wrong. I was beyond surprised by how delicious this blend of fruits and veggies worked so nicely together. I liked it so much, I had it again today!

2014-01-11 21.00.54Here is how to make this scrumptious treat:

In a blender add a handful of kale (de-stemmed), a whole banana, 1 cup of frozen mango, 1/4 cup Happy Hemp seeds (raw), 1 stalk of celery (washed) and 1 cup of water. BLLLEEEENNNNDDDDDD until everything is nice and smooth. Pour into a cup with fabulous colored straw and sip away!

2014-01-11 21.06.56



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