Whole Foods or Bust!

8710 copyI have been waiting for tomorrow for exactly 1,052 days. Since the first day I started Happy Hemp I have been dreaming to see her sitting on the shelves of Whole Foods. Tomorrow I get to see my hard work pay off. The road of an entrepreneur has been the most rewarding journey of my life. It is a road not paved, but rather dark and undefined. It is a recipe of tears, hope, belief, gut feelings and a lot of magic. I have never felt more vulnerable, yet in the same breath in charge. I have learned to ask for help and admit when I am failing to succeed. I am placing my bet with worse odds than Vegas, but have become wealthier than I could possibly imagine with knowledge. So why in the world would you sign up for such madness? I have no idea this is just who I am.

Life Recipe:

  • 2 cup of love
  • 8 days a week
  • 1 tablespoon of sweat
  • pinch of happiness
  • sprinkle of tears


  1. In a large mixer blend all together and wait for the magic to rise.


  1. Kelli O'Neill

    Congrats! This is a wonderful day for you! I’m so happy to see a company like your enjoy such success and I hope you have much more in your future. 🙂

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