Turn the Beet Up!

2014-02-09 05.00.28

When I was a kid I would sit at the dinner table by myself and have a beet stand off. My mother would not let me get up from the table until I finished my veggies. Beets and I were enemies for years and years. I actually don’t know if I really didn’t like them, I just chose to judge them. So as I have found with most things that I thought I hated… I actually love now. So if you are still on the beet hater train, this is a great way to try them again or for the first time.

2014-02-09 05.05.20 Step 1. Peel two beets. The natural beet dye is no joke. It will stain counters and clothing, so be careful!!! Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 2014-02-09 05.14.59 Step 2: Using a mandolin slicer, slice the beets to 1/16 of an inch. 2014-02-09 05.20.43Step 3: toss in olive oil and Happy Hemp toasted seed salt.
2014-02-09 05.24.54 Step 4: Spread slices out on a cookie sheet and place in oven. 2014-02-09 05.25.20 Step 5: Bake for about 20 min and flip for another 15 to 20 minutes. The beets will start to dry out. Place on drying rack to cool. 2014-02-09 06.17.56Step 6: Enjoy!


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