Food is Fun!

I am a foodie and not a health freak. I really don’t care if you tell me how good it is for me, so should I not care about the fact it tastes like something died in my mouth? Well how long is that going to last? For me…..ehh about 2 days MAX. Then the product disappears into the back of my pantry never to be seen again. Dun dun duuuuuun!

Here’s the thing, there is no need to eat flavorless cardboard! There are a million amazing food options out there that taste great (key word: food).

P.S. A pill is a pill is a pill. I don’t care if it’s a vitamin or a prescription. It is processed. My goal is to eat food. Food is amazing and you can have so much fun creating insane flavors and textures. Speaking of wacky ideas, meet the best Bloody Mary ever:
2014-02-08 21.32.19 Step 1: Make the superfood rim. Simply take the toasted Happy Hemp and grind down and sift out. I use a coffee grinder. Pour mixture on a plate.

2014-02-08 21.35.55 Step 2: Take a lemon wedge and rim the glass. Then dip the rim into the Happy Hemp toasted grinds and fill with ice. 2014-02-08 21.38.51Step 3: In a bowl, mix wasabi with pre-made Bloody Mary mix. I picked up a mix at Whole Foods. I also highly recommend Zing Zang. I love a little spice. This is optional if you are not a heat seeker. Add mixture to a glass with desired amount of vodka. Add a garnish! Enjoy. 2014-02-08 21.39.00


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