Happy Hemp Veggie Rolls

2014-03-02 23.34.15This week I rolled up some simple easy rolls for lunch. I am by no means a sushi chef, but making a roll is not as hard as you think. Practice makes perfect, but we are not looking for perfection we are looking for yummy fun! This is so much fun for kids. I learned to make these when I was little with my Obachan (grandma).

2014-03-02 23.12.27

Before you say anything, this is not not traditional sushi making. Now that’s out of the way,  let’s roll one up and eat it! I took a cup of steamed brown rice and placed it in a mixing bowl. I added 1/4 cup of Happy Hemp raw seeds and mixture of sesame seeds and sea vegetable seasoning. I like to use a product called Eden Shake you can find in the Asian aisle at about any grocery store. Mix all together and set aside.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 3.06.54 PMNext prep the veggies of your choice. I used cucumber and avocado slices.

2014-03-02 23.24.14Place a sheet of nori on a sushi roller and spread the rice mixture on top. Don’t get to close to the edges. You need room to roll and allow for the mixture to spread out. Place veggie slices on top of the rice. You have to roll it all up so less is more. Using your fingers, gently wet the edge of the nori that you are rolling towards with water. This will help seal the ends.

2014-03-02 23.24.33

Start the first roll with your hands tucking the edge gently under.

2014-03-02 23.26.13Next take the rice roller and curl over the roll while pulling back tucking the nori paper tight. Continue to roll until you get to the end. If you have rice and veggies poke out of the side no worries… keep rolling!

2014-03-02 23.04.59You can also make mini rolls by cutting the nori into thirds. Repeat above steps.

2014-03-02 23.30.12Now you have a simple yummy healthy roll! Enjoy!


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