Happy Facts

-Why take Happy Hemp? Hemp seeds are one of the most nutritious balanced digestible foods on earth. Wow!

-Can I get High on Happy Hemp? It is a fact that hemp seeds increase energy and are used to aid in depression, but no you can’t get high or test positive on a drug test.

-Does Happy Hemp have Protein? You betcha! Hemp has more protein than Meat, Fish and Tofu.

-What are the benefits of Happy Hemp? Honestly we don’t have enough room to go through all of them. So here are some of my favorites:

  1. Digestion
  2. Weight Management
  3. Hair, Skin and Nails
  4. Immune Boost
  5. Increased Energy
  6. Lower Cholesterol

-Who can eat Happy Hemp? All ages, great for diabetics, perfect for pets, no known allergies,  vegetarians and vegans. Everyone can enjoy and benefit!

-Why does Happy Hemp taste so good? We only use the freshest and most moist hemp seeds! I believe that healthy food can also taste great.

-How do you eat Happy Hemp? That is why you are here! Raw, Mix, Bake or Sprinkle.



  1. Luz

    I have a question .. it might sound dumb but here I go …. I live in California can I or anybody who live in California can get in trouble for buying HappyHemp? … I’m new to all this about Hemp …

    • Great question!! Happy Hemp has nothing to do with its distant cousin marijuana. Hemp Seeds are perfectly legal and actually one of the most nutritious food sources on earth. So no fear if you have to get tested this is just pure organic health food. Let me know if you have additional questions and thanks for following! Have a Happy day!

  2. Victoria

    My friend Jennifer brought this home and I love them! They taste like pumpkin seeds, i put them in my Cream of Wheat, greek yogurt, pancake batter, sometimes i just grab a small handfull and eat them like that, just plain. I love this product!


  3. ngie

    My husband has gout. He stopped eating meat, shellfish,pork and all the other gout likely producing foods. He doesn’t drink alcohol. He is on a homeopathic regimen to help prevent gout episodes, but still has some gout problems every one in a while . Do you know if Hemp will help him?

    • Yes Happy Hemp would be great for his diet. I took the time to read up on Gout and options for replacing the meat proteins. Happy Hemp would be great option. Adding a plant based protein would not only be great, but also he would be receiving much needed minerals and vitamins! Hope that helps!

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